David Chen


David Chen

Die deutsche Übersetzung dieser Biografie folgt.

David was born in 2008 in a family of musicians. His father is pianist and composer Vladimir Sverdlov Ashkenazy and his mother Lyda Chen is a lawyer who plays the viola.

David first discovered and enjoyed piano playing, ice-skating and many other wonderful activities with his paternal grandmother, Elena Ashkenazy sensei.

He currently lives and goes to school in Geneva, enjoys sport and martial arts while studying piano with Professor Serguei Milstein in the advanced musical program of Geneva Conservatory .

David participated in the 2016 Progetto Argerich, playing short 4 hands pieces with his grandmother Martha.

He was given first Prize with honourable mention at the Stuttgart Internationale Karl Adler Jugend Competition in 2018 and will participate at the Swiss Musical Youth competition this year.